What is a gourmet Malibu Pie ?

Malibu Pies are a healthy alternative to unhealthy fast food.
            No additives, preservitives, lard, MSG , transfats are used.
            All natural ingredients only

Malibu Pies are made with an organic crust.
            Crust is made with a combination of organic whole wheat and white flour

Malibu Pies are easy to eat on the go
            Shaped for easy hand held eating while eating on the go,

Malibu Pies can be refrigerated or frozen
and heated up from either state to perfection. Heat up in the oven
            in 15 minutes total, or from a frozen state, in 40 minutes

Malibu Pies fillings are fully cooked to health code standards.  They are usually only pre-cooked to a “rare” stage, so that the final cooking is completed in the heating stage to prevent any of the meat or vegetables and even the crust, from ever being overcooked.

The initial cooking is done on a stone oven to allow the base of the crust to be slightly more cooked than the rest of the pie crust, giving the entire pie a more rigid structure ideal for on-the-go eating, as well as a crispy crust to bite into.

Holes in the top of the pie allow the excess moisture to escape from the pie during the cooking stages, ensuring that the crust does not become ‘soggy’ and loose its shape and portability. The holes also provide a handy way of marking the pies for identification.