Malibu Pies was founded on the concept that good quality food can in fact be fast and readily available, without sacrificing quality.

Our Mission:
To help people eat better while satisfying their desire for healthier, wholesome food with more and more natural and organic ingredients

Malibu Pies founder spent years researching the world markets for the perfect fast food.  With his family background in the catering business, he developed and refined the Malibu Pie to be this delicious gourmet fast food with an organic crust.


Pamela Anderson dropping by for a Malibu Pie at the MSA surf contest.

Catering with Pies is convenient and fast. We bring the pies to your EVENT !! Half pies Wrapped in foil for individual servings make for a great way to provide all the different flavors to a full gathering of people.



A Storm trooper captain stopping by on his way through our Galaxy to stock up on fresh pies for him and his crew before their long trip to the Orion Galaxy. Apparently the crew 'loves' the pies and it's a favorite with the cooks on board who have very little preparation work to do since it only takes 15 minutes in the oven.
Above: The production team, lead by Armando, beam with pride over the latest batch of pies they took out of the oven.