The “Malibu Pies” Story

Our Mission:
To help people eat better while satisfying their desire for healthier, wholesome food with more and more natural and organic ingredients

Malibu Pies was founded on the concept that good quality food can in fact be fast and readily available, without sacrificing quality.

The founder, spent years researching the world markets for the perfect fast food.  With his family background in the catering business, he developed and refined the Malibu Pie to be this delicious gourmet fast food with an organic crust.

Coming from South Africa, a former British Common Wealth country where, like Australia, New Zealand and others, the meat pie is readily available everywhere,  the founder always expected to find a Pie Stand around the next corner while on his travels around the US, but never did.  He eventually decided to make his own pies.

With a 30 year catering history in the family, “Emmy” (his Mom) was an expert in pie making, which she learned from her mother when she was a teenager. 

With this “in-house” talent, it was just a matter of time before the founder was able to perfect his mom’s recipes with the organic pastry and the many varieties of pies.

It is the intention of the founders to create a national brand out of Malibu Pies.